Amin Jinnah

Broker of Record

Amin Jinnah is one of the leading real estate agents in Canada. He understands that buying property is a big move for anyone. He has built a reputation in Canada as being reliable, honest and innovative realtor. He is an expert dealing with all the legal aspects of property acquisition. The property market in Ontario is quite diverse but he is in a unique position to provide you with the best services in Ontario. You can trust Mr. Jinnah for his professionalism, reliability and personal care.

Mr. Jinnah is a passionate real estate sales representative. He has dedicated himself to meet the needs of the customers. His major real estate activities include Pre-Construction, Resale Homes, Resale Condos, and Commercial properties. He works with his market knowledge and best strategies for the successful completion of every project. Few of the facts are briefly explained here to give you an idea of his work and why you should choose him for your real estate projects:

Selection of Best Real Estate Property:

Mr. Jinnah will help you find the best real estate property for you. Many opportunities are lost because some of the best real estate properties are sold before they are even advertised. When you work with a Realtor like Mr. Jinnah, you can easily search through all of the real estate property for sale in the Ontario market and not just the ones that are simply left over.

Successful Completion of Your Sales Projects:

Mr. Jinnah will help you overcome the challenges to complete the sale. When an offer is presented with conditions, it is necessary to get the conditions addressed as soon as possible so that the offer is firm. He will work with the representation of buyers to ensure a conditional offer is made “firm”.

A Full-Time Realtor:

There are many part-time real estate sales representatives in Toronto, but he has devoted his full working week to his clients and is not doing anything other than dealing in real estate. Mr. Jinnah gives his full attention to meet the requirements of his customers.

Effective Use of Latest Technology:

He has invested in the latest technology in order to make your search for property as easy as possible. His website is updated every week with the latest availability. The website provides comprehensive information on the practicalities of living in Canada. He aims to provide the best possible real estate service for the clients.

Amin Jinnah is a Local Realtor:

Mr Jinnah lives and works in Toronto and knows the pros and cons of each of the communities. He analyzes each area in which he works. He knows the trends that are necessary to make a good and sound investment.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction:

Mr. Jinnah treats every client with respect and appreciates that every individual has his own unique needs and wants. He guides and educates his clients and negotiates the best price. His clients make the best possible decision for themselves and their family as they understand every step of the complete process. He works hard to ensure the success of every project.

Amin Jinnah is a trustworthy real estate sales representative who helps his clients achieves their goals. You can contact him with trust and confidence.